How To Clean Curtains - Get Any Kind Of Curtain Clear And Mud-free

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1. Lined velvet curtains needs to be handled as Dry Clean Only. (See next part.)

2. Take a look at unlined velvet curtains for colorfastness by dabbing a hidden space with a damp white washcloth. If the dye transfers to the cloth, deal with them like dry-clear curtains. If the fabric is colorfast, wash them one panel at a time on the delicate cycle using chilly water and half the standard quantity of detergent.

3. Be gentle with damp velvet curtains, so you don’t crush the fabric. Never put them in the dryer or grasp them on a line. Instead, lay them flat on a cotton sheet to dry.

Dry-Clean Solely or Polyester Curtains

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Clear and declutter your house recurrently
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