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Teammates said Michael Orchanda continued to continue in 2017
Michael Oher, the left side of the Carolina, Since the third week of brain shock, I have been staying at the scene from the third week, but a teammate tells us that Ol feels that he will be next year. return.

This teammate told our protagonist described by this "blind side" electrical say: "I think he will continue to match, although he didn't tell me or give me any hint, I need to do healthy, after it is now He will feel good. "

Say Sale Jiol is about 31 years old, but this age is clearly not big, but because the injury is absence almost the key to the problem.

A fierce sports in American football may be injured in any game, while injuries are obviously O'Ro.

I believe that the final choice of Oron, Wholesale nfl Jerseys the physician team and his family will give reasonable answers, of course, for fans, wholesale jerseys they hope to see him to continue his great story.