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Good god this girl could take a cock. She didn't mind if it was in her pussy, arse or her mouth, she preferred her mouth being fucked but, in all honesty, she just loved it any way she could get it.

Laura was a true cumslut in every sense of the word. She loved cum, she got a gleeful satisfaction from milking a cock with her throat, you could see it in her eyes. She never felt more alive than with a hard cock pumping in and out of her, the kind of girl every guy wants on the end of his dick and that's what happened with me, only she wasn't my girl, she was the wife of a friend but over the years we had developed an understanding of each other's filthy needs. She needed more cock than her husband could or was willing to provide so who was I to turn that down?

I could reel off story after story about all times she sucked, fucked and swallowed my cock but I will start with how I ended up helping to DP her...

I got a text message on a Friday night, just as I was about to go to bed, from Laura, asking if I was still up was there any chance I could come pick her and her husband up, They couldn't get a taxi and it was to far to walk home after their night out, I had offered a lift home a few times so didn't mind, it wasn't to far from where I lived and I knew they would return the favour if I ever needed a lift.

Still in my PJ's I threw on a pair of trainers and a coat and headed out to the car, As I got in the car, I felt a familiar twitch in my cock, I knew that she loved to show her fantastic big fits in super low-cut tops when she went on nights out, and I expected tonight to be no different. As I pulled up outside the pub they where already outside waiting, He looked worse for wear with drink, but she didn't disappoint, her tits were bursting out of a scandalously low-cut top. I bet she had a few cocks twitching in that pub tonight with them tits I thought as she opened the back door and told her husband to get in. I couldn't have been happier as this meant she was going to sit up front.

It was a difficult job driving back and keeping my focus on the road, out the corner of my eye I could see her tits heaving up and down as she breathed. This didn't go unnoticed by her as I caught her staring at my ever-hardening cock a few times. Her husband was almost asleep in the back, occasionally mumbling stuff about a long wait for taxi and thanks for the lift. I was about to answer him when noticed she had undone her top and was exposing her tits.

As I drove them both home I was driving as slow as possible to make the journey home last as long as I could. I watched as Laura played with her pierced nipples, all the time staring at my cock, which was now literally bursting out of my PJ bottoms. All too soon we arrived at her house. I looked back to see her husband had fallen asleep against the side window, I was about to open my door when she leaned over, pulled my rock hard cock out of my PJs and almost swallowed the entire length in one. I instinctively pushed the back of her head down further till I heard a slight gagging sound and then released her, she pulled up off my cock with spit stringing from the tip to her mouth and gasped, "I want more".

She then got out of the car with her tits still exposed, I climbed out and opened the back door, helping her husband out the car I watched her walk into the house leaving the front door open, I helped him to the house and into the front room where I dropped him onto the sofa.

I asked if he was ok and if he would like a glass of water to which he nodded he did, walking into the kitchen to get the water I heard Laura shout down the stairs thanking me for coming to pick them up late, I got him a glass of water, as I walked back into the room, I nearly dropped it, Laura was standing in the doorway in just her underwear...

I couldn't help but notice the look of pure lust in her eyes, she wanted cock and she was going to get it.

Her big mesmerising tits where still exposed, she had literally stepped out of her dress and was stood in the doorway in black lingerie, see through lace patterned down the sides with built in suspenders that were clipped to fishnets, still in her shiny black heels that she had been out in all night, there was something else she had been out all night with too, yep, no knickers.

My cock was throbbing as I looked at her stood there, her pussy was freshly shaved bare and if I wasn't mistaken, already a showing little glisten of wetness.

I was wondering if she was expecting me to fuck her quietly in the kitchen or even how I was going to do it without her husband knowing when she spun on her heels walked towards him, bent overexposing her naked arse to me and started to unzip him. I took a step back and sat down on the chair opposite, she fished his half hard cock out of his trousers and started sucking it. She was really making a show of it, moaning, slurping and gagging as she thrust her head up and down his shaft. He looked over at me and winked, easing the situation and giving me chance to lean in for a closer look at her bare backside only feet away from me, I slipped my hand into my PJs and slowly stroked as I watched.

He was now fully hard and thrusting his hips up to meet her downward head movements, I could her the determination in the noises coming from her throat, what a dirty little slut I thought as I watched her hand between her legs rubbing at her clit as her husband fucked her face in front of me.

I think you better thank him for our lift home he abruptly said as he pulled her head of his cock and pointed at me, she didn't miss a beat as she spun round and crawled on her hands and knees towards me, I knew that look on her face as she grabbed my pjs and tugged them down instantly exposing my rock hard, she grabbed it at the base making it stand straight up and whispered "thank yo..." Not even finishing the word "you" before the head was in her mouth, her tongue licking down the shaft as she pushed her head down till it hit the back of her throat, it felt amazing. Her husband came up behind her with his cock in his hand, kneeled down behind and fed his cock into her waiting pussy, I could hear how wet she was as he thrust in, each time he pushed in she was taking more of my cock in her throat, being fucked from both ends definitely suited this slut and she knew it, i could hear her moans changing tone, id heard that moan before, she was going to cum. I speed up my thrusts into her throat to match her husbands in her pussy, just as we got into a rhythm, she took my dick out of her mouth and crawled up me, she was now straddled on me, her huge tits in my face, she reached down between her legs and positioned my cock between her pussy lips.

Instinctively I reached for her tits, God they were good I thought for a second before she dropped and impaled herself on my cock. She was so hot and wet that she took me in one go as I felt her pubic bone hit mine, she didn't lift up to meet my push though she just sat still with my cock bottomed out in her, her massive tits in my face.

Then I realised why she had leaned into me; she had pulled her arse cheeks apart and was wating for her husband to join in. What a sight he must be seeing I thought I heard him spit, I felt her tense up as he rubbed it into her arse, I could feel her pussy tighten as her husband aligned himself then felt the pressure of his cock squeezing into her, she had a fire in her eyes as he pushed himself in her arse until he too was balls deep in this slutwife of his. Her breaths where short and sharp as we both started to move inside her, taking turns to alternate pushing in and out of her, I could feel her pussy so wet but tight with the cock in arse. Harder she mumbled as we both fucked her, "what was that slut" her husband asked... "HARDER" she shouted so we both started slamming into her, it had been alternative thrusts to start with but now we where both pistoning in and out of her at the same time, I could feel her pussy suddenly flood as she came on our cocks, her head thrown , back mouth open not even breathing, just her eyes open as her orgasm tore through her, her husband pulled out of her arse and told her to get on the floor in front of us, shaking she obeyed , he put his cock back in her arse and continued to fuck her, he then said to me "fuck her face and cum down her throat, she loves it" I fed my cock into her waiting open mouth and did as I was asked.

Her tits where swinging as we both fucked her as hard as we could, my balls literally hitting Laura's chin as her husband was slamming into her arse, I felt my cock throb with that familiar feeling as I looked down to see her looking up at me, she was so happy, a true slut taking two cocks.

I mouthed "I'm going to cum" to her so she grabbed my arse and pulled me even deeper into her throat, her husband realised what was about to happen and slapped her arse, she started shaking through her orgasm as he thrust deep into her arse and grunted, filling her bowels with cum as I let go in her mouth, wave after wave of cum pumped into her from both ends, she was in slut heaven.

Her husband now spent staggered back and sat back down on the sofa, his cock still twitching and dripping cum as I emptied the last of my balls into her throat. She slid her mouth off my cock still maintaining eye contact with a smile on her face highlighted by the small amounts of cum leaking out the corners of her lips, she lay on her back on the floor and used her the fingers on one hand to scoop it back into her mouth, licking her finger as she did, the other hand rubbing at at her clit. She had just drained 2 cocks and this horny little cock slut already wanted more...